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Chapter 11


It can happen that you get a hint or a kick from outside, so that you feel called upon to do something specific. This happened when I read through (in other words worked through) a great compilation of the complete works of Rudolf Steiner's work on anthroposophy.

My brother has written this systematic work over 10 years and has now published it in 4 books: (All written in German)

Volume 1: Death, post-mortal processing of the last life,
Relationship between the living and the deceased
Volume 2: Prenatal existence, reincarnation and karma
Volume 3: Development of the earth and mankind up to the present day,
Meaning of life and the future of humanity
Volume 4: Glossary: ​​Explanations of anthroposophical terms

And that calls for some thought!

Aufsteigende Gedanken Looking at your thoughts...

It could be that you also need a little break to think.

Berlin, Lychen 2018

Extended observations Extended observations

In this compilation of Rudolf Steiner’s work, I was particularly impressed by the theme of freedom and love, among many other aspects. These themes are also included in some of my paintings, both older and newer.

I therefore had to evaluate some of my work with the new observations I had gained. Result:

  • My previous attitudes to life have been confirmed
  • I have not changed any pictures
  • But descriptions and comments have been added and expanded
  • Adapted and new websites have been created

Updates are not only available in software development. They can also be found in a retrospective.

New and changed websites

And here is the slide video of the installation Meeting.

What is freedom and love?

Freedom. It is the basis for love and thus the building material for living together. Not just for bon vivants, for all of us!

The word love is used for many things. Even for things that don't contain any love. Like «I love you, but you have to love me too» or something similar. This is nothing more than a deal.
This is about much more, about a mental, spiritual process. About true love. It's about the meaning of life.

So, if you want, you can also get to know my ideas and views. I want to capture them in pictures.

Perhaps one or other of these views are useful or give you even better ideas and possibilities.


Meeting - a variable installation

In this slide video I show an installation that I created at the beginning of 2020.
It's about encounters.

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I?
  • Who is my counterpart?
  • What's going on here?

Freedom and love are the central themes here.

Visitors can help design the installation themselves. They have the freedom to change the encounters in the installation themselves. This allows them to leave a new perspective for the people who follow. They thereby become part of the work.

Installation 2020, slide video 2024.
PhotoWorks Atelier Peter Andres, Bolligen

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