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The topics of encounters and lighting design are photographically further developed as Digital Painting extremely interesting.
With my work Zusammentreffen (Coincidence) I also wanted that the people viewing are also included.

Visitors can change the installation themselves. They can change the encounters as they appear in the installation. In doing so, they become part of the work by leaving a new view for those who follow. This creates an active encounter, a kind of special a meeting.


Each person receives a new starting point, left by their predecessors.

Of course, the work would be much easier to create in purely digital form, e.g. as a mobile phone app or similar. That's exactly what I didn't want, as a significant part of the work would be lost: the type of inclusion of viewing people.

If I hadn't built the installation, I wouldn't know if something like this would work. That's why the work was created.

  • 01-Art-Work-1859
  • 02-Adjustment-1804
  • 03-Art-Work-1867
  • 04-Adjustment-1864
  • 05-Adjustment-1866
  • 06-Art-Work-1872
  • 07-Adjustment-1826
  • 08-Art-Work-1878
  • 09-Panel-0367
  • 10-Panel-0456
  • 11-Panel-04476
  • 12-Panel-04265
  • 13-Panel-1609
  • 14-Panel-04394
  • 15-Panel-04198
  • 16-Panel-04487
  • 17-PanelW-0451
  • 18-PanelW-04265
  • 19-PanelW-4499
  • 20-PanelW-04301

The installation

In the photos in landscape format present the installation, seen as a mural. It is 2 meters wide. Its background consists of an image printed on Hahnemühle Photo Canvas. There are several portraits next to each other on the background, but they are printed very brightly.

The upright format portraits are printed on transparent film. They can be moved lateral on several levels and can also be exchanged.

As a model, Alexander was present for me with a lot of patience during the recordings. Thank you!

Pictures for you?

I can also print these images individually as digital prints on paper or transparent film. If you are interested, please send me an Email

Bild: Author Peter Andres
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