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Installation — a new work

A new work: QUEER !

An installation with photographs and three video projections.

I had the first idea in November 2022. It wouldn't let me rest. The work was completed in July 2023 and was followed by the exhibition in Berne.

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Follow me — whereto?

Unleashed conversations

Le Bavard déchaîné

Being in the here and now

Dealing with the breath, being in the here and now, or in other words with our life and much more.

Two videos

► Infinite Breath
Infinite Breath

Urban? — Nature?

Two videos

  • The urban nature - and what it still / yet has to tell us
  • The urban nature - and what it still / yet would like to tell us
► Urban Nature
Urban Nature

L’idée du Jour

The idea

L’idée du Jour – Prêt-à-porter


Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles


VideoWorks @ Angers





Instructions — And some questions

  • For minimalists
  • For those in a hurry
  • For bureaucrats
  • For the patient
  • For metaphysicists
  • For artists
Six videos and a summary ► Six videos and a summary

Licht – Light

Leicht wie Licht – Light as Light

Experimental Videos

  • LichtWerk – LightWorks
  • Splitting Images
  • To be one and more than one
  • Expanding Space
► Four Videos

Light-Paintings — Slide Shows

Encounter in a deserted place

Play with light

Let there be light! — But where and how?

  • Light Factory
  • Light Works in the Light Loft
► Two Videos

Man and Light

Magic Energy

Liquid Love
Discovering Men

Archive — Early Works

Life Space Universe

The basic idea of the installation is the representation of a life cycle, a cycle. (in German)

  • Video der fertigen Installation
  • Making of: Print des 6.5m langen Bildes
  • Making of: Montage im Atelier
  • Test im Atelier
► Four Videos
Life Space Universe Life Space Universe - Print

Requiem for a Secret

Photographic thoughts on current events, the rise of the Swiss financial center and banking secrecy, as well as its fall.

► Description

► Video-Slideshow

In the beginning was the Word
The word was followed by gold and money
Requiem for a Secret Requiem for a Secret