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Sometimes you have to plunge

To another world... underwater!

The biodiversity of animals, plants and their beauty is unsurpassed. For how long will this last?

A must for active photographers!

Let's go!

Action announced?

My first dive took place in 1997. I was guided by a very experienced diver. It was just one thing, absolutely wonderful. It was like entering paradise!

22 years later I created this video. You can see how and why here. However, just looking is not enough. The texts are just as important, especially the "release notes".

► Paradise 4.0

This video is also part of my large topic area Multidimensionality.

Paradise 4.0 is my (figurative) answer to the problems of existence the world with our self-made climate change.

Current dimensions are outdated and need to be reconsidered.


Diving trip to Indonesia

Diving in Indonesia

From island to island

Dive safari with Carpe Novo, Maldives.

Strong current, it was blowing like crazy. We were all secured with a reef hook and watched the spectacle.

► Watch how you could fly!


Manta ray entangled in fish net

We humans have put a lot of strain on our environment and thus changed a lot. Often not for the best. The animal world suffers as a result.

Here is an example that gives to think.

► But it's "just" a manta ray

Have a look for yourself!


Jucaro, Cuba

Diving with Oceans For Youth Foundation.

Due to the long blockade of Cuba, the underwater grounds are in very good condition and now well protected.

► Diving in Cuba
Diving in Cuba