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A new work group, new Ideas – comprehensive digital

DigitalArt – a bit more comprehensive than usual

It was a first idea. It came in early 2021. I had to pursue it and put it into action.
A new hype in the art world was looming.

NFT – «Non-Fungible Tokens».

Upon closer inspection, I realized that there are certain problems. NFT's are a great thing in and of themselves. But are they also ecologically justifiable? Especially when it comes to energy consumption?

This was the start of a major project.

DigitalArt – The Intent

  • Pictures for you
  • Maximum edition of one million
  • One artist's proof
  • All originals, of course
  • Free to download
  • Size selectable
  • From postcard format up to 2 meters diagonal

How does it work?

DigitalArt – Pictures For You
Another Connection

I see what you don't see!

But to see something more, sometimes you have to do something by yourself.

Go on!

Visible Change!
Es wird Zeit

I only donate my organs digitally

And a third project followed, initiated by the federal Voteing of May 15, 2022 on organ donation.

The project will probably only become current once the new law has been implemented.

There we go...

Organspende digital