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You can see a lot more if you want!

And that's how it works.

View this website on a larger screen or projector. But not on your mobile phone, because you'll need it right away.

As you can see, some images change here with a large barcode. Now aim at one of the barcodes with your mobile phone. A webpage will be displayed and you will see what happens. However, your phone will not show always a video. Sometimes just a tip.

Let's go!


And that's even better.

  • If possible, set the browser to full-screen mode.
    Click to do this HERE.
    For more information see below.
  • Only videos are shown.



Nothing will be installed on your devices, no app, there is no contact tracing, no data is collected either.

You only see normal web pages.

This site and the software technology behind it is designed in such a way that it is suitable for a larger projection in an exhibition using a video projector.

You see videos here. I took them with a normal camera. However, I sometimes edited individual videos very heavily with digital tools.

The barcodes only contain a link. This is the respective address to a website on my homepage, which enable the display of images and videos.

Full screen mode

Full screen mode cannot be switched on automatically on desktop websites. This is a security restriction for all browsers.
So you have to be active yourself.

Turn on full screen mode:

  • Here on my website, the icon at the top right click
  • Unfortunately, pressing the F11 key does not work reliably with every browser

Turn off full screen mode:

  • Press ESC
  • or move the mouse to the top edge and click the X icon
  • Pressing the F11 key also works

The audio from the video

Videos can be started automatically on desktop websites. But the sound is muted. He is turned on by clicking on the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the video.

This is a security restriction in most browsers.