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A new project, a new idea

It was an idea. It came in early 2021. I had to go after it and put it into practice. My life is approaching the final phase. At some point, it may still take a while. Now I've reached the bonus age. I can do what I want (almost), but I don't have to. It's a certain kind of freedom.

I take the liberty of doing my artistic work, as I want to do. So my latest work breaks through some aspects of the normal art world. Consciously. For sure, in this manner, I am not the only one.

The intention

The DigitalArt project has become a bit more complex and is far from finished. It may never be. DigitalArt contains artistic, socio-political and environmental-political aspects and wants to deal with them.
How does it work?

I love to play. But with open cards. It's a mental game. And in the game there are winners and losers. DigitalArt can be successful or fail. DigitalArt is a game, and that's how it should be. Playing can be educational. We know this. It has always been like this, since we were very young.

The goal

DigitalArt should be free. I will open it as soon as possible, because I want other artists to be able to participate.

For the distant future, I think for a foundation. From a technical point of view, it should once be a platform for digital art but with a deep, spiritual background.


  • Pictures for you
  • Maximum edition of one million
  • One artist's proof
  • All originals, of course
  • Free to download
  • Size selectable
  • From postcard format up to 2 meters diagonal

The environment of DigitalArt

Something more than just a concept

DigitalArt is an extensive work that I have been developing since the beginning of 2021.

It consists of:

  • Pictures
  • Texts, explanations and a forum
  • Explanations
  • a web portal with the possibility to create pictures for yourself
  • Download the pictures
  • Certificates for your own pictures including the Provenance (ownership and their history)
  • a database
  • and YOU! Also you have to | can | may | should do something by yourself.

Yes, you are there too! Your participation is important. Both, with creating your pictures and with your posts in the forum. But don't worry, it's not difficult.

You don't have to pay anything for this, not even for the pictures. You also do not pay with your personal data. And there is no advertising either.

The opening of DigitalArt to other artists is planned for a little later.


Web-App Web-App-Bilder Web-App-Zertifikate Forum-Erklärungen Forum-Forum

DigitalArt – The beginning

Where are we ?

Do you know the planet ...

  • where carbon and oxygen bind twice?
  • where uranium splits and perpetuates?
  • where plastic mix with water?
  • where ingenious thoughts become reality?
  • where loving people can unite?
  • where freedom is sometimes in scarce commodity?
  • where true freedom is great?
  • where money rules?
  • where loving men feel exposed?
  • where women who love each other are cast out?
  • where great thoughts can fly?
  • where an outburst of thoughts counts twice?
  • where lies get many clicks?
  • where fine-art will be enclosed?
  • where works of art provoke intellectual impetus?

Pictures for you!  ► Web plattform

Even more you find on the Web plattform

DigitalArt – What is Art?

Art and Non-Art ?

There are works of art

  • they're just here!
  • they only consist of a few letters, but together as a sentence!
  • they have a pictorial representation!
  • they say something!
  • they are very quiet.
  • they are there, but you can't see them.
  • that you can see even with closed eyes.
  • they have their freedom!
  • they dream of their freedom!
  • they don't exist - and yet...
  • they are just a hint of thought!
  • I love them!

Pictures for you!  ► Web plattform

Even more you find on the Web plattform

And here it begins!


The pictures ...

Here are pictures and there will be many more soon.
Choose pictures that you like, which you would like to have. It is free, it doesn't cost you anything. You also don't pay with your personal data, because they will never be given out.

You will get pictures that will be yours. All have its own unique identification and a QR-Code. Nobody else get the same picture. You can view the certificate via QR code.

You can also select multiple images. They are there for you!

►  Click here to select the pictures!
There is also links to view the provenance of the artist's proof and further informations of the picture.

The forum...

There you can find more about DigitalArt for detailed information, e.g. about NFT (Non-Fungible Token). In the forum area you can write your comments and have discussions with other artists and interested parties.

► Here you can find the explanations and the forum

The web application