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A last Work

I only donate my organs digitally

My latest project, initiated by the federal Vote of May 15, 2022 on organ donation. The project will probably only become really up-to-date with the implementation of the new law.

It could be my last great work. I agree with my decision to implement this project and its title. I chose both consciously.

Yes, I am in the last phase of life. At some point it will be "over". Over? For real? For "normal" attitudes to life, it probably is. But there is more. Much more!

Yes, this project is about life and also about death. Both belong to us. Even if one usually only look at the first aspect, the second is wiped under the table all too easily.

But there is more. It is also about what follows afterwards.

Recycling. You know the word. Also in connection with what concerns the spiritual world? About its overall concept? I leave you your choice.

For me it goes much further. As far as we can never imagine with our worldly knowledge. I'll leave that open too.
But three and a half dimensions (space and time) are probably not enough. That is also not the intention of my work. Not even their inspiration. But somehow an essential aspect that should and will go further.

That was it then.

The attempt, a run-up

The prints were once part of a single photograph in size from 200 x 110 cm to . She represented me in my life size.

After printing, I tore them into pieces. They are representative of my internal organs, because I can do this with the things I have at my disposal means do not represent pictorially.

I'm on the ground...

The Installation

Prints on Hahnemühle barite paper (350 grams per m2)

A donation?

Do you want a "digital organ donation"?

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