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Between visible and invisible

You hardly see anything, only large pixels. But you can see much more. And it's easy. You know how the pixels are arranged. They are QR codes.

Let's go!

But… to see something more, sometimes you have to do something yourself:
Visible Change!

Would you like to see what others are seeing right now?

Or do you want to see a lot more?

Go on:   to the Videos!

Digital Art

Visible Change is a larger work and includes many images, image sequences and videos. There was also a digital background with websites, database and some code required. All pictures, videos and also the digital background I created myself, because ready-made apps and programs did not and does not exist for such a project.

In my opinion, digital art should not only focus on digital pictures. The digital technology for display is also part of this.

Visible Change is primarily intended for exhibitions. You can also view the images on your screen, Watch tablet or cell phone. You don't need to install any app, an up-to-date web browser (no matter what kind) and a mobile phone is enough.

Visible Change

I see what you don't see.
And if you want to see more, you have to be active by yourself.

We know it, that's easy. Scan the QR code with your cell phone and you're done. The picture is shown on the mobile phone.
But people who are also present see nothing. Also the picture size on the mobile phone is too small, just barely enough for one eye.

Visible Change can help here

A projector (a larger TV screen or desktop is also possible) shows a channel on my website.
This channel alternately shows QR codes with an underlying one barely visible picture as well as title and some notes in bernese German dialect, High German and English.

Now it's up to you! You have to be active!

You have everything you need. The QR reader in your mobile phone is enough. You don't need to install an app. There is no contact tracing, no data is collected either. You will only see an ordinary website on your phone.

You see the pictures on your mobile phone and the people around you around on the appropriate channel, beamer or big screen.

Digital representation

In order to show the image sequences to the people present in an exhibition, I came up with a special technique. It is a lot more complex than just showing an image on a website with the QR code.

And this is how it works with Visible Change:
when the web server receives a request for an image sequence, He sends the individual pictures to you on the one hand and also to a second website, the corresponding channel, which is shown on a projector or screen in the exhibition.

You are here on the web...

You can also watch a channel on one of your devices. You can find the links in the chapter «The Channels». If possible, open the browser in full screen mode.
Then take your phone and scan the QR code. You'll see more.

In contrast to many other websites, such as Facebook, No personal data about you will be collected or stored.

DigitalArt – slightly expanded

As you can see here, this is an advanced way to display digital images.


The images you can see here are not videos, as one would superficially assume. The image sequences consist of individual images. Some of them are very digitally edited photos, which are shown one after the other in the browser.

On the Visible Change Video Page There is a second version that then shows videos.

The thing with the QR codes

A QR code usually just contains a link to a website. This shows the content of the website on your device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.). But only for you! Other people don't notice anything about it.

With my DigitalArt this goes much further. The QR code is also a normal address to my web server. But there's a lot more going on. You only get an instruction on your device that you should look ahead. The desired image sequence is then shown on a screen or projector in the exhibition room. Visible to everyone present.

Of course, this only makes sense in an exhibition. But you also have the option to do this with a larger screen or TV. People present then only need their cell phones.