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Paradise 4.0

We once got a world for free. We use it. Or would you rather say: we consume it? And then, what happens?

Many years ago I made my first dive.
It was as if it had been the entrance to paradise!

Since then in the few years, it were just over 20, a lot has changed. The climate phenomenon El Niño and especially its successors have made a lot of contributions. Many coral reefs are destroyed! It were not just these weather phenomena. We are the reason: I, you, he, they, all of us! A fact, whether we want to have it true or not. It is only clear that the impending climate catastrophe cannot be ignored.

Will it be possible to reverse this?
The moment to act   is    would be    was  NOW!
Maybe we have to wait for Paradise 4.0  ...

Release Notes, Version History and the FAQ are not to be understood as an enclosed instruction manual. They are here in the age of advanced digitization of the society an integral part of the work.

I admire the young people of 10 or 15 who are protesting for our environment now (early 2019). Hopefully this move will be much stronger! Stronger than the then 68-movement.
Paradise 4.0 is a small answer and an appeal.

The recordings for this video were taken during many of my dives in recent years, especially in the spring of 2019 in the Maldives.

Created: 22. April 2019
Sites: Micronesia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives
Music: Bensound.com - Deep Dive
Production: Peter Andres
Contact: Email

All photos and videos are made by Peter Andres
© 2019 www.PeterAndres.ch

Paradise 1.0

First release, issued by higher intelligences of the universe

Paradise 2.0

Presented by the universe as a gift to humanity

Paradise 3.0

Current situation at the beginning of the second millennium AD, "successfully" made by humans

Paradise 4.0 - Beta

Preparing the future as world 4.0
(Estimated version, still in beta test through the universe)


Very nice pictures and wonderful music

It was not the goal to just present beautiful pictures and videos. I want to show much more the current situation. See Version History.

What should Release Notes and Version History?

Release Notes, Version History and the FAQ's are not to be understood as an enclosed instructions manual. They are an integral part of the work in the advanced digital age of the society.

The black transitions are disturbing and too long

No. They should be thought-provoking. Therefore, they are rather short. However, I can not do them longer, otherwise the video will simply be terminated.

Transitions are sometimes very abrupt and the colors are very cold

No. They should be thought-provoking. Therefore, they are rather short. I chose the cold color in section 3.0 very consciously.

What should the History version do? We live today!

A look back and an outlook over the usual edge over a plate can never hurt. Thinking in slightly larger dimensions is urgently needed!

Would a description in the video not be better?

No. I have chosen Release Notes and Version History. They are part of the work.

Where did the pictures come from?

The exact places are secondary. The impending climate catastrophe spreads over most of all tropical seas.

Where is the problem? There are still many fish!

There are indeed quite a lot big fishes to see while diving. But many small animals are gone. Extinct, lost! And that will have serious consequences in the future.

A few broken corals are no problem. Nature can handle it!

Perhaps. Let's hope. But El Niño and especially their annual successors have done a "perfect" work. Often the water temperature in tropical waters is over 30 degrees. Corals endure only 26 degrees. They die when the temperature is higher. And with that also the basis for the biodiversity.

This is a natural phenomenon. Not made by humans.

Perhaps. Maybe not. But if we know it well, it might be too late. It is easy to always search the blame at another place (here by the nature).

In order to shorten the download time, I reduced the resolution of the videos. However, this shows less details. Also watermarks are included. For a projection or display on a larger screen, the videos are available in full HD quality without watermark.