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Manta ray entangled in fish net

An unexpected dive

One of the many dives with the dive ship Pindito from Raja Ampat to Ambon. It was in the Banda Sea near Manuk Island and occurred on November 13, 2019 at 11 a.m. The dive didn't end like many others.

We humans have put a lot of strain on our environment and thus changed a lot. Often not for the best. The animal world suffers as a result. Here is an example that makes you think.

But it’s “just” a manta ray.

Manta Ray — a unique animal

Seeing a manta ray during a dive is always something extraordinary. Manta rays are at the top of the top 10 to see while diving!


One of our group of divers had special courage, strength and endurance. He came to the animal's aid.

The video

As always, I was with the camera and couldn't dive too deep because I was diving with Nitrox. I didn't have a knife with me either, a camera as a diving accessory is usually enough.

The presentation

I have decided not to add or leave anything out from the video. No editing, no music, no image manipulation, no artificial intelligence. It didn't need anything. — The pictures are enough.

Only the sounds of my breathing and the manual zooming of the camera optics can be heard.

The blurry beginning, which would otherwise not be shown, is intentional here. It illustrates the surprise effect that I had when I first looked at the Manta.

* What is Nitrox?

Nitrox is normal breathing air and has an increased proportion of oxygen. The advantage of diving with Nitrox is that the diver has less partial pressure of nitrogen absorbs and less in its body fluids and tissues. This reduces the risk of decompression sickness.

Disadvantage: As the oxygen content in the breathing gas increases, the maximum possible diving depth decreases.