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A new work has been created

Fragile  –  Flexible  –  Sensitive

That's OK, because it hits our current situation perfectly.

Think what you want — We act — Now !

The result is an installation together with three video projections. I can transport the work, take it with me and set it up somewhere else if necessary. The work is about encounter and acceptance, about tolerance, freedom and love.

The meaning of my work can be described in a few words, in German there are eight. Six words are enough in English or French.

  • Love to live
  • Live to love
A first idea:
Hands with a video projection

What does the queer world look like today?

We are accepted by a large majority as we are. And that's beautiful! However, there are also people who do not like us, which is something like this:

  • You have the right to exist, but don't shout it from the rooftops!
  • We tolerate it, but don't make so much noise!

Statements like this are harmless when you consider that there has been an increase in physical assaults, beatings and death threats lately.

Not to mention politics in countries where there is a risk of persecution, imprisonment or even the death penalty.

Homophobia is on the rise again!

It would be so easy, and not only in humanistic thought, to accept other people as they are!

But you should keep quiet
But you should be silent
Homophobia is on the rise again

My Ideas

I would like to show what a tolerant society could look like.

An incentive to tolerance, charity and vigilance is more effective and sustainable.
These thoughts have been bothering me a lot lately:

Beaten people

Despised, oppressed, abused. There are still too many countries in which something like that by law, wanted by so-called politicians who feel like true gods. Torture, Murder, exclusion, oppression are the order of the day there.

► Just because a man loves a man!

► A woman another woman!

Love can mean death!

Tolerance and encounter
Tolerance and encounter

Art will also show the way here

Love to live — Think what you want
Live to love — Act now

An Invitation to Freedom!

Art is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It can show us new paths into the future in a wonderful way.

I am acting
I am acting

A little insight

  • The installation as a test in my atelier.
  • Some scenes with the installation in action on Gran Canaria, Spain.
  • Excerpt of an edited video as an art-object.

Since in the exhibition of the work the installation with three video projections is shown simultaneously, only an approximate insight is possible here.

«Action» on Gran Canaria
«Action» on Gran Canaria

View of the installation during construction

Installation wduring construction

Video: First actions on Gran Canaria

Exhibition in the cellar vault on Münstergasse in Berne

The exhibition took place at the end of July 2023.

View of the installation and the three video projections

Video-Art (excerpt from a video of the projections)


Unfortunately I can't show the video here. It is simply too big and made for three projectors.

The invitation card for the exhibition at the end of July 2023

Exhibition card