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L’idée du Jour – Prêt-à-porter

In a workshop with Antoine d'Agata at the Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, southern France, I have realized a long-cherished concept. For a few hours I was able to use an excellently suitable location, the Maison des Peintres under renovation. Many thanks to the organizers of the Rencontres!

This resulted in a photo series with various individual pictures, here compiled as a video slide show. Each of these single pictures comes out of the camera as I show it here. An image manipulation in Photoshop, as I often do, has not happened. And yet the pictures are different than usual photos. Because I can be seen three times in each photo at the same time.

An idea to take away

But what can you take with you? What is played here? A flow of thought? Energy? A game with nothing? Or with everything? Encounter? Encounter with yourself? I leave it open for your own interpretation.