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Let there be light! — But where and how?

For photographers and videographers, light is the central element. Without light there is nothing, no pictures, no videos, just black!
Light opens up unimagined possibilities: Image design, image modulation, alienation and much more. The design possibilities with light are almost unlimited.

Light – and much more!

Modulated light in a brilliant environment together with other people. And that without disruptive elements such as clothes, but with full concentration on encounter and movement. It is a wonderful experience to play freely with light!
Such light paintings can be seen here. The video is a compilation of six individual videos. It shows pictures from six different photo and video sessions.

  • Light Factory
Generation LIGHT : Anthony, Jean-Michel, Peter Photo / Video Session Angers, France 2017
  • Light Works
Stephan Tobias, Peter Andres Photo Session Berlin 2016
  • Light Dance
Generation 65+ : Peter, Ingmar, Ingo, Mike Photo / Video Session Berlin 2018
  • Extended Fashion
Marius, Alexander, Peter PhotoWorks Atelier 2019
  • Flying Light
Michael Leibundgut, Peter Andres PhotoWorks Atelier 2016
  • Browsing Light
Michael Leibundgut, Peter Andres PhotoWorks Atelier 2016

An earlier photo performance, created in summer 2012.

The videos, as they come out of the camera, I regard as raw material. I use sequences from them and put them into a whole, the final product "Art-Video". I am very open with the raw material, change the speed, change proportions and direction, paste it several times in the final video. Just as I think it is right.

In order to shorten the download time, I reduced the resolution of the videos. However, this shows less details. Also watermarks are included. For a projection or display on a larger screen, the videos are available in full HD quality without watermark.