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Leicht wie Licht – Light as Light

Seeing light, receiving light, sending out light, transforming light, keeping light... What happens in us when we watch it? The pictures in this video-slide-show presents it. These are experimental pictures that were taken using photographic and video techniques. Their final structure was obtained in the projection followed by photographing.
I can also print these pictures individually as digital prints up to a size of approx. 100 x 200 cm.

The videos, as they come out of the camera, I regard as raw material. I use sequences from them and put them into a whole, the final product "Art-Video". I am very open with the raw material, change the speed, change proportions and direction, paste it several times in the final video. Just as I think it is right.

In order to shorten the download time, I reduced the resolution of the videos. However, this shows less details. Also watermarks are included. For a projection or display on a larger screen, the videos are available in full HD quality without watermark.