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How does it work with encounters among people? How do you approach each other, how about mutual relations?

A three-part video under a common title Infinity. It's a kind of digital, sequential triptych. Each of the individual parts could stand alone. Their titles are:

  • Make Infinity
  • Take Infinity
  • Fake Infinity

In all three parts the topic encounter is of central importance, outgoing from three very different views. The titles differ only by one letter. This wordplay underscores both togetherness as well as the difference of the individual topics.

The word Infinity, is common to all, because encounters are for everyone People are essential. Without encounters, life would be impossible.

The shootings of this video were made in July 2018 together with friends.

The videos, as they come out of the camera, I regard as raw material. I use sequences from them and put them into a whole, the final product "Art-Video". I am very open with the raw material, change the speed, change proportions and direction, paste it several times in the final video. Just as I think it is right.

In order to shorten the download time, I reduced the resolution of the videos. However, this shows less details. Also watermarks are included. For a projection or display on a larger screen, the videos are available in full HD quality without watermark.