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Chapter 7

Image thoughts

There are many things you can (and should) think about. The topics are many, almost limitless. And… it can also be done in images, with or without words.


Requiem für ein Geheimnis Requiem for a secret

Photographic thoughts on current events 2010 – 2014

A visual approach and photographic-political discussion of Swiss banking secrecy.

The story of financial policy is still not finished. It probably never will be.

You can find a more detailed description ► here

The reality of photography The reality of photography

A normal picture, slightly edited

A photograph normally shows a short section from the past, an image of a former reality, of an event. Usually it is only a fraction of a second, sometimes a little longer.

A photograph is therefore a look into the past.

The interesting thought, or rather the hypothetical question, is:
does it also work the other way around?

Based on realistic considerations, you would probably say NO.
But it works!

A portrait - January 2010 and December 2012

This picture is a portrait. A portrait of a person.

The picture was taken three years before the event occurred. When I took the picture, I knew exactly what the picture should look like and how I should design it during the subsequent image editing. The meaning and the intellectual background were also absolutely clear to me at the time.

But what the picture actually shows, I could not have guessed at the time when I took it and edited it.

It was only through the events three years later that its true meaning became clear. The passing of my beloved partner was and is very dramatic.

Everything from Nothing - Nothing from Everything Everything from Nothing - Nothing from Everything

5 series with 5 pictures each, created between 2014 and 2016

I try to make my worldview slightly larger than the one that is common across the country. The conventional worldview with birth, rearing and nurturing, enjoying life to the fullest (or not), death - finished is a bit too narrow for me.
My view and interpretation of the pictures is of course very subjective. But maybe you have a completely different view.

I consider this work of pictures and text to be one of my most important works. The pictures are rather secondary, because the intellectual background is the decisive factor.

Image series

1. Everything from nothing - nothing from everything

What a feeling of wealth it is to have everything - really everything! Everything from nothing...

To have nothing more, to need nothing more - nothing more of anything! Complete renunciation! Total detachment from everything material. What kind of feeling is that? And yet much remains - total wealth?

2. ME

We withdraw from the greatest possible width. As far as possible. What remains is the ME. The ME here does not refer to me, the author, but to any person, but only to one, to themselves. A second dimension emerges. The vertical. It begins with the preparation for a new birth and ends with the transition to the spiritual world, death.

And what is in the middle? Life!


The third dimension now goes deeper. Into the depths of life, into society. The big question is:

How do we relate to society - how does society relate to us?
Where do we come from, where are we going?

From the world's coming out of the universe to reflection in space...


In the first three series of images I have spanned 3 dimensions. I have tried to create a spatial structure in images.

This series now takes up these dimensions and adds a new one: time, representing the space-time continuum.


We have it Without light there is no life
We need it Without light nothing works
It is simply there Light is design
We are light Light is life

Light - the gift of the universe!
But without darkness it would not be visible.


1. Everything from Nothing - Nothing from Everything

The first picture is just black. However, with a hint of not quite black in the middle. There is nothing physical. However, the inner structure, the mental plan for such, is very much there. The physical substance is therefore hardly more than a breath, at most an impression of warmth!
In contrast, the last picture is only white, with a touch of not quite white on the edge. It symbolizes the purely spiritual essence after the last remnant of the physical has disappeared. Infinite freedom...
And what is in between? WE! And what do we do? WORK! But what is meant here is not work to earn a living, much more intellectual work.

This gives us a dimension with the greatest possible extent. Everything from nothing to nothing of everything. More is not possible.


This dimension can also be seen in the representation as a kind of "broken circle", as a spiral.

Reconstruction of a decision Reconstruction of a decision

I had been carrying the images for this series around with me in latent form for a long time. In 2015, about 40 years after the decision, I realized them, as a kind of «reconstruction of a decision».

These are the images and impressions that I experienced and saw inside before and during my coming out.

A detailed explanation can be seen as a PDF file here (in German).

Future ―
Future ―
You shall not
You shall not
Future ?
Future ?
You need
You need
Future !
Future !

>News Fashion News Fashion

It is known that Homo Sapiens produce a lot of waste. Quite the opposite of nature, which is based entirely on a cycle or, in modern terms, "integrated recycling by design".

All the news that bombards us every day represents a very special mountain of waste, the biggest of all time. It doesn't matter whether it's printed in newspapers, on the Internet or on television. The latest news today is already outdated tomorrow, and therefore waste. It usually happens even faster.

The mental mountain of waste is growing ad infinitum!

What about fashion? OK, a little slower. But not much... just more real! Because people don't buy because they need something to wear, but because shopping is so "exciting"! That's where the shopping gene lies dormant!

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