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Chapter 9

Extended dimensions

The achievements of digital photography and video give us far-reaching and new possibilities. Exploring them creatively is a great challenge for me.

Why shouldn't I have a bit of craziness, fun and freedom with my photography?
I photograph and make videos the way I want and the way I like!
I want freedom, I live in freedom.

Here are some examples. More pictures and more detailed explanations can be found in the PhotoWorks and VideoWorks sections.

► Introduction to multidimensionality

► Time travel

All images and the compilation in the slide videos were created without AI (artificial intelligence).
Our own was completely sufficient.

>Between visible and invisible Between visible and invisible

A larger body of work was created under the title Multidimensionality.

The basic idea was to take a closer look at "dimensions". We are very familiar with length, width, height and time as half a dimension. Time only counts half, because it can only be walked in one direction.

But is there more? Other dimensions? Possibly. At least in thought.

Representing them with photographic means is simply not possible, because photography is and remains two-dimensional. But it is worth a try. The excess dimensions have to be supplied by thought.

Photography and time. A comparison... Photography and time. A comparison...

A comparison between normal photography and photography over time.

  • In the first case, completely according to the camera's instructions for use
  • In the second case, as a long exposure with additional flash light

Since I find the second case much more attractive, these are the photos that are mainly in the slide video (video created with individual images that are independent of each other).

Apart from small retouches, all the individual images come out of the camera as they are shown here. They are not multiple exposures either. There is no image editing in the video either.

In some pictures the lighting is slightly different than «normal»:
Long exposure with continuous light and multiple flashes. That's all.

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