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Zeitreisen Introduction – Multidimensionality

A special image design.

Love and commitment always accompanies me with the topic of multidimensionality.

The topic

Multidimensionality is a topic that has fascinated me for a long time and I was always intensively busy with it.

A first beginning with this topic arose with early portrait photographs, starting around 1987.

The search for further photographic and videographic experiments continues to this day. Multidimensionalities won't leave me alone!

Time in photographic images plays a central role.

Attempt at an explanation, my thoughts

The state before something is visible, specifically before our life began, certainly cannot simply be described as life. And yet there is something there. Something unknown to us. Being or Existence in another dimension?

If so, then it is one that we can probably only name as an energy state. Through my life experience and some drastic events, I became very aware of this.

Can such thoughts be translated into photographs?

Zeitreisen Visible – Invisible

And what's in between?

Expand your dimensions...

Look after the thinking

A little pause for thought.

Rising Thoughts


Zeitreisen Splitting Images

Where ahd how?


Splitting Images

I and Me...
Where am I?
Where are you?

Splitting Images
Splitting Images
Dream Works

Zeitreisen Multidimensionality as Video

Before something becomes visible, something is already there. Definitely an idea. Maybe much more, something unknown to us. Another dimension? If so, then it is one that we can probably only name as an energy state.

Unleashed conversations

Le Bavard déchaîné

Being – Here and Now

Dealing with breathing, being in the here and now, or to put it another way, with our lives and much more.

Two videos

Infinite Breath
Infinite Breath – Accelerated Motion

Zeitreisen Time Travel

We experience 3-½ dimensions every day. Length, width and height. The half dimension is the time. Half, because we can only walk in one direction.
Are there other dimensions?

The usual photography
Photography including time

Zusammentreffen Meetings – a variable installation

An installation that visitors can change themselves and thus become part of the work.

A variable installation – encounter and Coincidence

The engagement with the subject is more photographically developed than digital painting Encounters extremely interesting.

With my work “Meeting Together” I also wanted to that the people viewing are included.

Artwork Coincidence
Changing the artwork

Final word on the topic of multidimensionality

Some thoughts...

If something was there before our lives, another question immediately arises: What happens after life?

If there was something before, then there must be something after. We don't know, we have no evidence. But not for the opposite either.

We still lack (today) the knowledge and awareness of other dimensions. This could/will change sooner or later. We may already be on the eve of a very big realization, similar to how it was a few hundred years ago, before electricity was discovered.

Scientific findings in quantum physics are probably the starting point. We've been working on this for a long time.

Of course, you don't have to agree to any of this if this goes too far for you. You have your own free choice.