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Infinite Breath – Unendlicher Atem

Just sit, watch and enjoy is not announced in this video. The entertainment value is equal to zero. Rather, we are concerned with dealing with the breath, being in the here and now, or in other words with our life and much more. The video has its meditative aspects and therefore requires a certain sensitivity of the viewer.

The second video (accelerated motion) is somewhat more dynamic. But that's not more exciting. Only the spiritual foundation is easily moved.

In this case, a larger projection area is advantageous.

The videos, as they come out of the camera, I regard as raw material. I use sequences from them and put them into a whole, the final product "Art-Video". I am very open with the raw material, change the speed, change proportions and direction, paste it several times in the final video. Just as I think it is right.

In order to shorten the download time, I reduced the resolution of the videos. However, this shows less details. Also watermarks are included. For a projection or display on a larger screen, the videos are available in full HD quality without watermark.