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Between visible and invisible

That is the question. Where does the one begin, where does the other end and what is in between? Do we even know everything, all transitions? It is about life, existence, non-existence, double and multiple existence. This immediately raises the question: what is before and what is after?

Dimensions are bigger than anything we can imagine.

I try to get closer to these questions with my (not)photography, which is probably better described as digital painting. Representations of figures, mostly of the same person in a picture, are therefore found since a long time as a theme in my work.
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  • Begleitet
  • Light
  • Kreise
  • Together
  • Shadow
  • I was here
  • Yellow thoughts
  • Experimentelle Gedanken
  • Blue wave
  • Im Reich der Könige
  • Betrachtungen

Pictures: 100 x 200 cm / 100 x 150 cm / 100 x 100 cm

Videos on the topic of multidimensionality

The three videos could not be more different and yet they have one thing in common: the multidimensionality. On one hand there is the existential problem of the world with our self-made climate change, then the problem of coming together and to be together. In the third video, it is a mental experiment about being and that what follows.
This video is very much inspired by the early death of my life partner.


I trying to explain my thoughts:
The state before something is visible, specifically before our life began, can certainly not simply be called life. And yet there is something. Something unknown to us. An existence in another dimension? If so, then it is something that we could call as an energy state. Through my life experience and some drastic events, I became very aware of this.

This immediately brings up another question: What is after life?
If there was something before, then something has to be afterwards. We don't know, we have no evidence. But also not for the opposite. We (still today) miss the knowledge and awareness of other dimensions. This could/will change sooner or later. We may already be on the eve of a very great awareness, similar to that what was a few hundred years ago before electricity was discovered.

Of course, you don't have to agree to all of this if this goes too far for you. It is your free decision.

Bild: Author Peter Andres
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