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Urbex photo session — photo performance in Angers, France, 2017

These pictures were taken in an old coal mine. Many of the old machines can still be seen and remind us of hard times. Men there had to work under most difficult circumstances. This certainly with a low salary. A hard work that also entailed great danger.

There has been something of a revival recently. The facilities became an eldorado for graffiti artists. Many left their mark. Good ones and also not so good ones. Photographers were also at work, like me.

I preferred to work here with nude pictures. This makes the contrast extreme compared to the former times. It couldn't get any bigger. As you can see here, we also worked with lighting elements. The result was a larger photo performance.

Most of the images came out of the camera as shown here. In a few (e.g. Figure 5, Enhanced Power), I did a digital combination of two photos. I also removed some inappropriate graffitis digitally.

But everything remained as it was. We did not intervene on the existing infrastructure – a principle of enthusiastic Urbex-ers.

You can see preview images here. Click on one to see it larger. Another click will take you to the next image.

Here is a compilation of more photos as a Video.

  • Power Touch
  • The Master
  • Inspector
  • Operators command
  • Enhanced Power
  • Machine performer
  • Dangerous execution
  • Deny
  • Question
  • Answer
  • The conductor
  • The end
Bild: Author Peter Andres
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