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Ideas come, they're just there

I try to implement some ideas photographically. New ideas always arise. They are also constantly changing. I admit it, allow myself the art of freedom. But is it then the freedom of art? Actually, it should be very simple like cutting hair. Or is the whole thing simply put away at the end?


Ten photos, ten times 10 seconds from my life

But it is not about 10 times 10 seconds, although this is part of the concept. Here are pure photographs, they do not contain image manipulation via Photoshop or similar apps. I used pure lighting for all effects. It is also not about me as a person. But someone had to be in front of the camera. I alone in the studio. I only catched David from the Internet and projected him to the background. Unfortunately he also had to wear swimming trunks.
More in chapter Concept




But what is this about?

It is a conceptual work in which spaces are involved. Each person should discover and find out what those are for themselves. That is why there are no image titles. The captions are just the photo numbers as the camera made it.

Of course I start from an idea, my own, a more in-depth concept.

  • What can happen within ten seconds of life?
  • Where are the thoughts going?
  • Are they caught in the space-time structure or are they free?
  • How do we get together?
  • What happens when people meet?
  • How do we relate to our counterpart?
  • Do we look down on others or do we have to look up at others?
  • Or is it a balanced face-to-face?
  • Open, on the same emotional and friendly level?
  • Would such openness be something in the direction of a new beginning after the Corona crisis?
  • What's next?

Each of the ten pictures shows a situation. Nevertheless, the thoughts could not only be within a picture, but across images, scurrying from one person to another. If so, there is a problem. The ten photos were taken one after the other, sometimes with a greater temporal distance. The flying thoughts should therefore be able to go the temporal dimension in both directions. Forwards and backwards. It is obvious that this cannot be completely reconciled with our understanding.

Could other, new dimensions be involved here? About multidimensionality?

Note on two images

On two photos I have a picture with the title Art of Freedom - Freedom of Art, which can only be recognized when the photo is enlarged. Not by chance, because art, freedom and dealing with them were essential measures for my survival, especially during the lockdown. As a single person in the 65+ risk group, this was my best companion in the seclusion.

It's not just about survival. LIFE is our mission!


To my Person

I am a person for whom it is extremely important to always deal with encounters with my counterpart. In my photographic work it can be seen very clearly over the years. I am also someone who always has to develop and design something new. That has accompanied me throughout my life and still does, even in my retreat.

The two subject areas are and will remain my life motor. If it stops, it becomes problematic. And this is not easy in this corona lockdown time, because as a single person I am very dependent on contacts with other people.

Bild: Author Peter Andres
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