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Lost places new revived and enlightened

Urbex photo session — photo performance near Berlin.

The building was built shortly after the fall of the Wall, but was never completed. It is now something of a ruin in concrete that the ravages of time are gnawing at.

As you can see, it is very suitable for photo performances and thus receives a new task.

  • Es werde Licht
  • Lichtgedanken
  • Lichtwelle
  • Lichtspiel
  • Backlight confusion
  • Backlight straight
  • Backlight round
  • Backlight spreading
  • Lichtexperiment
  • Lichtverfolgung
  • Lichtverteilung
  • Lichtdämmerung
  • Lichtwerk
  • Lichtmaler
  • Lichtempfindung
  • Lichtsignal
Bild: Author Peter Andres