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It is well known that homo sapiens produces a lot of waste. On the contrary to nature, which is based entirely on "integrated recycling by design".

A special waste mountain, the greatest of all times, represent all the news, who bombarded on us every day. No matter whether printed in newspapers, on the Internet or television. The latest news today is obsolete tomorrow, so waste. Mostly it's even faster.
The spiritual waste mountain grows to infinity!

How is that now in fashion? Well, a bit slower. But not much ... only real! Because one goes shopping not because one needs something to put on but because shopping is so "exciting"!

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This newest fashion was created in May 2013.

The original format of the pictures is 37 x 58 cm and 70 x 105 cm.
Details and quality in the web presentation are therefore hardly visible.

Bild: Author Peter Andres
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