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Bed stories – an unstoppable rise

It was a while ago, 1986. I wanted to take photos in old buildings and was looking for opportunities to do so. In particular, I wanted to experiment with motion blur.

My brother helped me with that. He told me about the attic room in the Waldau psychiatric clinic in Berne. You just have to clear away some old bed frames...

We started with some props, a sheet, a bust, a newspaper and plastic gloves.

We made a photo session: bed stories – an unstoppable rise.
A series of images with no beginning and no end. You have to think up the story yourself.

The photos were only taken with the available light. There is no flash light. Available light photographs were very popular back then. On the one hand I used normal SW films and on the other hand Polaroid black and white slide films that had just come onto the market at the time. They can be recognized by their coarse-grained structures.

The term Urbex was completely unknown to me at the time. But it was my introduction to the field of “urban exploration”!

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...and even more?

Bild: Author Peter Andres
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