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Urbex – Enlarged

Now it gets a little more difficult.
These images contain two completely different aspects. They are combinations of several shots that are put together to form new images.

It goes about Urbex and our present. The word Urbex, an abbreviation of Urban Exploration, also contains EX, which indicates exit.

An image consists of a combination of several photographs. On the one hand, the basis is an Urbex shot, a photograph made in an abandoned place. It contains the spiritual background from old time and on the other hand a recording from our present with its own background.

Both photos are interleaved with each other. They are next to each other, in each other, on top of each other or through each other. They build the new image.

I also take the liberty of combining several Urbex photos with several recent photos to create a new picture.

These combinations can be achieved good with today's digital possibilities and image editing options. Artificial intelligence could also be used recently. I didn't use them here, my own intelligence was enough.

Analog photographic image processing in the darkroom would also be possible. It's not recommended because of the effort. And the associated environmental impact of the used chemical and silver residues are quite high.

You can see preview images here. Click on one to see it larger. Another click will take you to the next image.

  • Anruf aus dem Jenseits
  • Ein Blick
  • Erleuchtung
  • The machine who makes wings
  • Durchblick
  • Double Touch
  • Hello
  • No Selfie
  • Unexplored
  • Expanding Dreams
  • Mystic jump
  • Zeus in action
  • Another Step
  • Lichtblick
  • Shock waves
  • Silent fight
  • Das runde Haus
  • Reality 2.0

...and others?

Bild: Author Peter Andres
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