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To be One – and more than One

Two photographs, one text
Two works

It is about the future and freedom. What happens with pictures, e-mails, texts, etc., which we see every day on the Internet or exchange with other people? What may we do in the future, what not? Where are the borders?
Picture 1 (#FUTURE) and picture 2 (#LIBERTY) are twins. I made then at the same time. However, they are independent of each other.

I don't want to comment or describe the two photographs. However, some notes are necessary for the text. The hashtag in the title is well known from the social media. However, scarcely known are the cryptic expressions of Regular Expressions (RegEx) for example
and Globally Unique Identifiers (GUID) for example

Regular Expressions are used by secret services, search engine operators like Google or other message collectors in the Internet to scan systematically our e-mails and texts for "interesting" words. In this way, hits are obtained for further researches to create poweful data collections, especially for advertising. Likewise, with these methods the access to information can be prohibited, e.g. with small or large firewalls. With these methods whole countries or individual groups of persons can be excluded from web sites and information in social media. For these art works, the red words are marked with the specified RegEx expressions in the upper part of the text.

At the end of the text is an identification number, a globally unique identifier. This Expression represents a number with 128 bits. If such a GUID is created anywhere it is unique worldwide. Therefore they are practically used in all large databases and are ideally suited for the unique identification of a person. Everywhere, where we log on the Internet or do something with a computer, we get such GUIDs. Even Office documents are uniquely identified with GUIDs. Here in my art works the same GUID in both pictures as in the text. Each edition has its own GUID, which makes the individual editions unique.



Three digital prints on Hahnemühle Baryta FB
112 x 73 | 20 x 73 | 112 x 73 cm   (total 244 x 73 cm)

The pictures shown here are highly reduced to decrease the download time.
However, this makes details difficult to see.
Also your screen would be a little bit too small.