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A Photo Session...

One day before the French lock-down, I had a wonderful photo session with Alexandre in my studio. Our planning took a long time until we finally found a suitable date. A day later, this would no longer have been possible.

The subjects of the photo session were: Encounter, friendship, coming together, being with each other, being there for each other, interpersonal relationship and mindfulness.

And what followed

We took pictures that got a frightening topicality by the Corona crisis. I edited some photos more or less intensively. Others are not changed in terms of image, so they come out of the camera as they can be seen here.

All photos were made with a special light guide using flash and continuous light.

Ten pictures on the subject of contact and separation


The freedom. As social beings, we need contact with other people. Indispensable!
Fear and fear ... Is loneliness at risk?
Is a separation necessary? Delimitation, ensuring of privacy?
The isolation
How do we get back together?
Virtual meeting?
Be together. The wish is there. When will it come true again?
Done! For real? For how long?
Everything will be different in the future! The whole society will have to change. For real? Can this be? A valid question. We do not know it. Not yet…

Image ideas...

These visual ideas are only a small aspect. Unfortunately there are so many more on this all-pervasive topic. The world will be different.

I am fully aware that other people do extraordinary things during this time. Even with the commitment of their lives. I'm thinking primarily of people in the field of medicine. Many thanks to all these people!

Bild: Author Peter Andres
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