Conceptual Photography

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A simple photo

This picture was taken in the fall of 2014. It is called From the Invention of Man. I have made several hundred photographs of plants until I had this photograph.
At first I did not want to publish the image. But now, after many days, I have decided to do it.

The picture does not apply in any series, it is just a simple image. That is sufficient. It says enough, if one looks a bit engaged. It's a simple photograph showing a nettle. The type of plant is not important, it could also be any other plant.

The title of the picture is not "The invention of man," but "From the invention of man." It tells a story by a closer look. The idea for it came last summer when I prepared my series "All of Nothing - Nothing of all," for the exhibition in Berlin.

Now, February 2015, after all the news in recent times, especially the news and pictures from the Islamic State of IS, the massacre at Charlie Hebdo and the images of the chaos of war in the Ukraine it is useful to publish the image.

We (the people) are at a turning point ...

Why? And what does this picture have to do with it?

In my opinion, humanity is currently in a decisive process of transformation. Not the first since the so-called Big Bang (indicated by the blurring). I have the feeling and I'm probably not the only one that is currently divided humanity into two groups.

One group, aspiring and interested, upholds human dignity and also wants to develop mentally.

The other group falls increasingly into a separate area. Inhuman acts are not just a goal. They are also their concept.

But where is the limit? At the moment it is probably still quite fuzzy and under constant change. The second group does not only include terrorists. Individual state leaders and their exponents must also be included! Likewise people who have no scruples and lack their own judgment (Blurred image) Atrocities and torture continued have to, should or want to carry out instructions "from above".

Well, the first group still manages to get as many people out of the second group tear it out and lead to more human dignity? Let's hope so!
Science will continue to help us. At the forefront, however, is the art!

We (the people) are at a turning point after all...