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Pictures of something invisible

What is hidden or invisible can not be photographed.
Or is it?
The answer: Either "reverse engineering" in the image design or a certain Inspiration. This works in the unconventional photography in which the so loved normal paths of photography is let behind. I call it "Digital Painting".



  • Circle
  • Magic cloud
  • Together
  • Inner touch
  • White shadow
  • White shadow

Digital print on Hahnemühle Photo Canvas: 100 x 150 cm / 100 x 100 cm

An idea to take away

L'idée du jour - prêt à porter

But what can you take with you? What is played here? A flow of thought? Energy? A game with nothing? Or with everything? Encounter? Encounter with yourself? I leave it open for your own interpretation.

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Bild: Author Peter Andres